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American Legion Riders Chapter 153

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American Legion Riders Chapter 153

American Legion Riders Chapter 153 are a unified and diverse group of motorcyclists who share common interests and goals. All are members of The American Legion , The American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of The American Legion.

The American Legion Riders Chapter is not a Motorcycle Club and does not practice rules or regulations of Motorcycle Clubs. The American Legion Post Riders Chapter is family oriented, as is it's parent organization; The American Legion. 

If you are interested in joining the American Legion Riders Chapter 153, Please contact the Web Admin, Bob Williams, for more information.  Annual Dues: $12.00

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American Legion Riders Chapter 153 News

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American Legion Riders Chapter 153 Events

10 Year Old Girl Set on Fire - Please Help
Date: 2015-12-31 at 09:00
Location: Haysville, KS

More Info: A fellow biker, and good friend of mine is very good friends with the family who’s little girl, from Haysville, KS, was set on fire Sunday night.


The 10 year old little girl, Halley, had her dress set on fire by a 12 year old little boy. The little girl has 3rd deg...  (Click for details)

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